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Paco Patch

Bancumm Surfacing Limited are accredited to install Pacopatch.

Pacopatch is a permanent reinstatement product, not a temporary fix. It is developed specifically to resolve the issue of cracking surfacing around manholes and other ironwork.

The system comprises the placing of mastic asphalt bricks into a layer of polymer modified mastic asphalt grout. Precoated chippings are then applied to the finished surface to provide anti-skid ensuring compliance with UK legislation.

Key Benefits:

  • Completed works provide a 5-year warranty.
  • Due to the short time required to complete a patch, lengthy road closures are no longer required.
  • Cost effective when compared to planing out and renewing a road, or continuously patching with hot mixed asphalt materials.
  • Much smaller carbon footprint than resurfacing with minimal waste.